Meditation 101

Meditation 101

Take a journey into the mind and discover your truest self. In this noisy world, it can be difficult to navigate through life with absolute clarity, and without clarity, the reality of your circumstances is often distorted and seems more hopeless than it actually is.

As noetics and quantum physics have shown, the average person forms a new thought every six seconds and each of these thoughts is producing gravity that attracts, traps and distorts electromagnetic energy (light) which is scientifically what all matter is comprised of. Your inability to focus these thoughts in one direction long enough for a particular outcome to be manifested is what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both agree encompass the sum total of your lack of success in all things.

This course reveals the true benefits of thoughtless meditation and shares specific techniques to achieve thoughtless states of consciousness passed on generationally by Tibetan master monks and yogis.

This course will also teach:

  • Discover what is preventing your cells from regenerating
  • Learn how to decalcify the pineal gland and activate your body’s endocrine system
  • Improve mental clarity, comprehension and cognition
“I think, therefore I am not. Only when the mind is silent, I am.”-Anonymous