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Manifestation 101

The key to deciphering the law of attraction or manifestation is right in front of you. Yet many teachings regarding this subject do little to help students to manifest anything except more scarcity. Neurolinguistic programming, visualization and positive affirmations are not the key; the answer is far simpler.

Jesse Faulhaber

I’ve been losing money the last few weeks because I stopped using your teachings. Watched your manifestation video yesterday and today already made $4,000 profit.

Attracting Wealth

Every wonder how the rich got to be where they are in society? This course was specifically created for students who want to learn how to easily attract greater business opportunities and start making money right now. 

Heather Casillas

Thanks to Sir Jonathan and specifically the Attracting Wealth Course I was given an $8,000 raise and a $6,900 bonus for Christmas!

Mind Mastery School

Welcome to the School of Thought Mechanics®. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with a revolutionary way to develop their higher cognitive learning ability and overall capacity. Our techniques and course curriculum help:

1. Improve focus & memory

2. Reduce stress & anxiety

3. Strengthen interpersonal relationships

4. Build self-confidence & self-reliance.

5. Attract business opportunities

6. Increase financial prosperity & emotional wellbeing

7. Boost health, youth and vitality


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HRH Princess Sirene Harakawa

Amasu Omawa III

In today’s society, there are few scholars whose wisdom transcends age, gender, ethnicity, occupation and status. Sir Jonathan is one such scholar. He has guided me through many challenges over the years and has done the same for many others around the world. He is one of only a handful of people whom I trust and can turn to for guidance, and I am truly grateful to know him as a friend and teacher.

Beverly Kearney

Six-Time NCAA Track & Field Coach for the University of Texas

Sir Jonathan, you are amazing! No matter where a person is in their life, through your program I’ve seen some amazing transformations. It’s inspired me and opened my mind to all of the possibilities…and more than anything else, it opened me up to see greater into the power that I possess and all that I can help others accomplish in life.

HIRH Prince Basilio Cali

Grand Master of the Knights of Malta

As Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, it has been my mission to uphold our knightly tradition of promoting excellence, decency and altruism throughout the world. Sir Jonathan Amaret is one such individual who exemplifies this tradition with his tireless efforts to improve the lives of others through the School of Thought Mechanics and we are pleased with his induction into our Order.

Phil Goldfine

Academy Award & Emmy Winning Producer

I’ve been using the School of Thought Mechanics for a year and look and feel younger than ever! Literally, people now think that my old pics are of my dad!

Zevin Clark


Hovannes & Harout Basmajian

Entrepreneurs/ Social Media Influencers

Caroline Limburg

International Airline Pilot

Cynthia Briganti

#1 Enagic Distributor Worldwide

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Don’t just take our word for it. See what our students say about the most powerful and revolutionary mind-mastery school available in the world today.
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Thought Mechanics® is both a school and a gym for the MIND, the greatest muscle of all.
Read our 2000+ testimonials thus far to find out how Thought Mechanics has helped others just like you.

HRH Princess Sirene Harakawa

Amasu Omawa III

Philip Goldfine

Oscar-winning Producer

Cynthia Briganti

#1 Income Earner in Enagic Worldwide

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